RetroMarques Ltd is pleased to offer for sale on behalf of the owner ‘VSL 252’, 1949 Triumph 2000 (20TR) Roadster ...


RetroMarques Ltd is pleased to offer for sale on behalf of the owner ‘VSL 252’, 1949 Triumph 2000 (20TR) Roadster...

We are pleased to offer this lovely, rare Triumph Roadster for sale as it has been rebuilt by Mike, a highly experienced motor engineer and one of our own consultant technicians. He has a skillset which is quite rare in that he is equally experienced in both bodywork and mechanical work.

Bought by Mike in July 2013, the Triumph had been partially rebuilt by a gentleman who had sadly then fallen seriously ill and passed away. Mike was attracted to it not only for its charm but because the chassis was in excellent condition, so he knew he had a sound basis for a good car.

The first task was to ensure the ash frame was in good, solid condition but Mike went the extra mile and – for example - fabricated stainless reinforcing inserts for the B-posts and included with those captive nuts so the door hinges are bolted in and no longer secured by wood screws – discrete but effective!

A lot of research was carried out so as to ensure a quality drive – suspension and steering all refined – and the engine fully inspected and checked over but found to need very little other than a new, and original-spec starter motor and water pump (rare parts these and expensive if you can find them!).

With the bodywork complete, ‘VSL’ was painted in a very attractive navy blue metallic, the colour looks really rich and classy and suits the Roadster well. Two correct, original seats were sourced and rebuilt before a full interior retrim, beautifully set off with deep red leather trim and matching carpet – also in the Dickey seat behind – and finished with the beautiful wood dash and door cappings; a lovely place in which to be driving or to be driven!

Vehicle Details:

  • Reg: VSL 252
  • Chassis ID: TRA1365
  • Engine ID: ENV10043LES
  • Mileage: 83632

As the classic car press says – the Roadster is a ‘proper classic’ with those big bulbous wings, triple-wiper blades and large, pre-war style headlamps, bench seat and a column shift! No question then that despite being Standard Triumph’s new, post-war roadster, this was classic pre-war styling (and elegance)! The rarity of the 2000 Model (actually 2088cc) makes it even more desirable – this later model only being in production for one year and accounting for less than half of the total Roadster models. Indeed, it appears that as few as 6 may exist in the UK today!

So, to summarise, a rare ’49 Roadster looking imposing and very regal in navy blue metallic and dark red trim with lovely wood dash and original instruments. Peace of mind knowing the chassis is strong and the woodwork has been checked, replaced and reinforced where needed. The engine oil pressure is book value, the 3-speed column shift is smooth and easy and the steering good (by period standards!). The hood is serviceable but would benefit from a coat of Renovo to bring the black back (which we can do this for the new owner) and the chrome has been left largely original and is nicely patinated.

This is a rare and smart Triumph Roadster, ready to be driven and enjoyed on the road rather than a trailer queen! ‘VSL’ promises many years of enjoyment for the next owner and with little but routine maintenance required going forward.

Price: £29,950

Please contact Mark Knight for further details or to arrange a viewing and test drive (by appointment only please as I am often off-site)

Tel: 07791 417256 or Mark@retromarques.co.uk

We are conversant with post-BREXIT export administration and will be pleased to assist in export and transport arrangements if so required.