To whom it may concern - 18 March 2020


Given the serious and growing situation with the CV epidemic, I wanted to write a short note to customers that will outline our actions as we all work through the coming weeks and months.

I have 2 primary concerns, namely safeguarding health, lives ultimately – both customers and staff alike – and business continuity. I believe that we can continue business but only if we are meticulous in our hygiene and by taking precautions. To safeguard health and thus ensure business continuity means that we must take all practical steps to minimise the risk of cross-infection between staff and customers.

An obvious first step is to reduce our usual ‘open door’ policy. We can update you with video and photo reports instead. A general ‘walk-around’ video will show progress made, and detailed images can show particularly areas of work and where improvements/changes have been made. This will be especially relevant for bodywork and rebuild of course, but a verbal progress report, with photos if relevant, will equally apply for mechanical work.

If you feel you must visit, then please liaise with me but as you would expect we will be enforcing distancing and hygiene at all sites. If 80% of the population are expected to get CV then I’m firmly planning to be in the 20% that do not and I hope you all feel the same! If we’re ‘sloppy’ then the business will fail, as I hope you may imagine. Small businesses have little resilience to loss of income.

We need to work together to ensure that good health and thus business continuity are preserved, indeed I hope you will all also understand that we continue to need your business during difficult times, so please do not put off booking work in!

Thank you for your understanding, by all means reply to me directly should you wish.

Best regards


M Knight Director, RetroMarques Ltd

You can download a copy of this statement here

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